Hello World

https://github.com/tearust/tutorial-v1 is the github repo of our tutorial. It can also be used as the boilerplate if you want to build a new TApp but don't want to start from scratch.

This repo has many branches with very branch a step in our tutorial. You can find the description for every branch in its associated README file.

The master branch and login branch are the most commonly used boilerplates. The master branch is a "hello world" example, and the login branch has almost all of the common basic features built-in.

If you want to verify that your development envionment is setup correctly, you can use the master branch and test the hello world. But if you're going to make a full featured TApp, the login branch might be a better choice because it comes with the basic TApp features, such as "login/out", "transfer funds", and "query balance". We believe most TApps would use those features, so we put them together into the utility library that comes with this login branch.

Clone the tutorial master branch

Run git clone https://github.com/tearust/tutorial-v1.git to clone code to local.

If you'd like to check in your modified code to your own git repo, please rename the project to avoid conflict.

Frontend and backend

There are two folders in the root of the tutorial-v1 code repo:

  • sample-actor: This is the back end lambda function that's similar to the backend web services in the web2 world.

  • sample-front-end: This is the front end code that's similar to the frontend SPA in the web2 world.

In the future steps (branches) you'll see a new folder called sample-txn-executor. That's the transaction handler function that runs inside the state machine. It's similar to the stored procedures of databases in the web2 world.

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