TEA Party TApp Intro

The goal of TEA Party

We built the TEA Party TApp to show:

  • What a typical web3 looks like (we call them TApps).

  • The building blocks of a typical TApp.

  • How to use Tea Party as a boilerplate to build your own TApps.

The TEA Party TApp is a useful social media application. Users can post messages to a public board as well as send private messages with notifications. See the TEA Party user guide for more information.

Basic workflow

In this section, we'll learn the basic workflow between all three tiers: how a user action get processed from the front-end to the state machine layer and back to the user.

The magical Proof of Time state machine

In this section, we'll explain how the distributed state machine works, including how it handles consensus among different replicas. Keep reading about the magic of the state machine.

Understanding the WebAssembly Runtime

You can learn more about how the WebAssembly code runs inside the mini-runtime by reading about the magic_of_wasm.

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