Public Service

Unlike other blockchain projects that waste lots of computing power in consensus competitions, the TEA project uses all of its computing power in useful tasks. The majority of them are commercial task which are, of course, paid by the clients benefitting from running them. A minority of them are public validation or DAO governance taks. These proportionally small number of tasks are not paid out by any specific client. Rather, they would have to be paid by the DAO as these are public services.

Public services include:

  • Remote attestation (this is similar to jury duty in real life).

  • State machine maintenance (similar to goverment expenses).

  • DAO governance (similar to elections / voting in real life).

  • Other tasks that are necessary and benefit the public.

The DAO will pay these public services from TEA token inflation. There are a fixed number of TEA tokens minted in every block, which are paid to the miners who executed the public services in the block. The actual block reward number may change over time but will be predictable.

The block reward inflation will be hedged by TEA burning as a consequence of CML_auctions.

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