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!!!George: Please write on your own in this article, try to cover my following questions!!!

Busienss ideas

As a developer, what are the potential opportunities of using secure oracle

Why do we need secure oracle to call API instead?

Compare with web2 directly function call, what are the benefits of secure oracle, why do we need security oracle to call API, what if we call directly, any problems?

Do I need to pay to use secure oracle?

Billing related to secure oracle. George, you can asnwer like this: The developer of the secure oracle actor may have their own pricing model. TEA Project will help billing. If you as an app developer decide to use any existing secure oracle function, you will need to understand and agree on its pricing model. In the runtime the TEA Project will measure the usage and enforce the payment.

How do I make money by providing a secure oracle as a developer

Note, this feature is not completed at the time of writing.

If you write a seure oracle actor and published to the TEA Project, you are the owner of this NFT. All actors are NFT in TEA Project. You can also publish your pricing policy that follow the TEA Project billing rules. If some other application calls your secure oracle, the TEA billing system will measure and enforce the payment from the caller. So you can learn the passive income by providing such secure oracle actor. Please note, this is NOT gas fee. It is just the actor usage fee or in-app purchase. Gas fee is computing resource cost pay to the miners.

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