The tea sdk utills wraps a bunch of utilities that the developer will need to use to interact with the TEA system. The source code is at https://github.com/tearust/sdk/blob/master/utils/wasm-actor-utils/src/client/types.rs

Here's the list of functions:

  • login: Used for user login

  • query_session_key: to use the logged in user's session_key. This session_key is needed almost every time in order to contact the backend as the proof of user login.

  • query_result: To get the response from previous requests. This is because all requests to the backend will be handled async.

  • queryHashResult: TODO://

  • logout: logout

  • query_balance: query the account balance.

  • query_deposit: query the deposit balance.

  • query_asset:TODO://

  • query_allowance:

  • query_tapp_metadata: Get TApp metadata.

  • query_err_log: get error log.

  • query_system_version: get system version.

Some of the account concepts might be unfamiliar to you, such as "balance, deposit, allowance". Please read the TEA Project tokenomics for more details.

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