Retweet Txn Executor

You might be surprised to learn that there's not a lot of code changes in the sample-txn-executor project and that there's almost no changes in the txn executor actor. There's nothing the developer needs to do to execute the secure oracle. Comparing this step with the last step, the newly added business logic all happens inside the hosting node (the sample-actor project). Originally in our previous step, the task owner needed to click a button to confirm the worker successfully completed the task. In our current retweet project, this "confirmation" is done by the secure oracle automatically. The secure oracle will call the twiter API to verify if the worker has actually successfully retweeted the original tweet.

All of the secure oracle workflow is transparent to the developers. You as a developer only need to create an OracleHttpRequest and call. In our future developer documentation, there will be more OracleSomethingRequest published. We'll open the code base so that you can write your own OracleYourselfRequest to run different oracles. Furthermore, your actor can earn TEA tokens for you if someone calls your actor. Our billing system will measure the usage, and the caller will pay you. Note that your code (your actor) is an NFT, and you're the owner of this NFT. Your NFT works for you and makes you profit. Isn't that amazing?

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